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Leading Property Firm Offers International-Standard Services

Colliers International, Kazakhstan’s leading real-estate advisory company, offers a full range of world-class services, from consultancy and valuation to leasing, sales and property management. Working with Colliers International partners worldwide, Colliers International Kazakhstan has positioned itself as a benchmark in the local property market and an ideal contact for foreign investors.

The company’s steady growth since its founding in 2000 reflects Kazakhstan’s maturing economy. Bayan Kuatova, Managing Partner, explains, “We work with lots of international companies that have come to Kazakhstan for the first time and they always seem surprised by how easy it is to do business here. I have grown Colliers International from three people to 20 highly competent consultants in just a few years and have not met any major obstacles.”

More emphasis on quality properties

Colliers International has offices in Almaty and Astana and keeps its finger on the pulse of Kazakhstan’s evolving property market. Ms Kuatova says, “Kazakhstan experienced a lot of speculative development from 2000 to 2007, followed by a difficult adjustment from 2008 to 2010, and now we are seeing a much more measured approach to real estate development with a greater emphasis on quality and more attention to ensuring that new products match market demand.”

Bayan Kuatova, Managing Partnerres
Bayan Kuatova

Through Colliers International, investors can count on a growing choice of high-quality properties that meet or exceed international standards in design, delivery, sustainability and management. As Ms Kuatova points out, “There are parts of Almaty and Astana that could just as easily be in London, Manhattan or Hong Kong”. Real estate improves not only in terms of its’ external appearance, there is a major shift in internal characteristics of the buildings as well. This may be proved by an increasing trend for implementation of sustainable practices in Kazakhstan’s real estate market. More and more of the country’s top developers are aiming to achieve ‘green’ certification for their landmark projects. One of the examples is Esentai Park premium class residential complex which is considered a masterpiece of the urban architecture located in one of the most prestigious districts of Almaty. The interest for sustainable building is also growing in the retail sector. For example, AFD Plaza Retail Podium, located in the city’s CBD along Al-Farabi Avenue, is currently looking to go ‘green’ as well. “Quite soon LEED or BREEAM certified properties will be common in residential, commercial and industrial real estate development”

Ms Kuatova is bullish about the future of Kazakhstan’s economy and property market. Urging potential foreign investors to take a close look at his country, she says, “Forget about everything I’ve said and just come to Kazakhstan to see for yourself.  We are constantly hosting international guests and the story is always the same:  they are shocked by how different the country is to what they expected. Kazakhstan is a stable, young, ambitious, vibrant and resource-rich nation, with a very strategic location ideal for accessing Russia, India and China. It is a great place to set up a regional headquarters. We have a whole generation of exceptionally talented young people that are keen to work with global brands.  We have some world class real estate in the ground and much more in the pipeline.And it is a friendly, welcoming place with a very bright future ahead of it.”

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