China Harbour Engineering

China’s Construction Leader Targets Panama

China Harbour Engineering Company’s services as a leading global contractor are engaged in 80 countries and have over 50 branches around the world. With a value of approximately US$ 10 billion in projects per year and around 8,000 employees, China Harbour Engineering Company is the main division of the Fortune 500 enterprise, China Communications Construction Company, China’s top international contractor.

panama_checWith its regional headquarters based in Kingston, Jamaica, China Harbour Engineering Company is expanding rapidly in Latin America and the Caribbean. The company specializes in basic infrastructure construction, including marine engineering, dredging and reclamation, and the construction of roads, bridges, railways, airports, industrial facilities and more.

Panama offers strategic advantages

Zhongdong Tang, General Manager of China Harbour Engineering Company in Panama, explains, “China Harbour Engineering Company prides itself on providing a full service to its clients and uses its international engineering experience, global business network, talented management team and robust financial backing to offer clients a wide range of service options. Panama offers great strategic advantages and we plan to expand our operations here and make this our second-biggest operation in the Caribbean and Latin America.”

China Harbour Engineering Company will have around US$ 2.2 billion in projects underway in Latin America and the Caribbean by the end of this year and expects to boost that total to US$5 billion by 2015. “We aim to be the regional leaders,” Mr. Tang explains.

In all its markets, China Harbour Engineering Company places a high priority on corporate social responsibility and it contributes to a number of community-service projects in Panama and elsewhere in the region. Defining why the company has grown so rapidly in Latin America, Mr. Tang says, “We manage to adapt well to different cultures by being aware of the local society’s needs and concerns.” To potential investors in Panama, he adds, “Panama is a very attractive country for multinationals and anyone looking for investment opportunities.”

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