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Det.Al Holding Det.Al Holding, established in 2005, has quickly grown to become a leader in Azerbaijan’s non-oil sector. We specialize in the production of aluminum oxide, primary aluminum, and semi-finished aluminum products. We are making substantial investments in upgrading our factories to implement state-of-the-art technologies and equipment and to boost our production capacity to 200,000 tons […]

Just Aluminium

Just Aluminium: Providing reliable, high-quality aluminum products and services for contractors and consultants involved in major construction projects in Zambia. As a 100% Zambian enterprise founded in 1999, we know the Zambian market. We have in-depth local expertise, excellent technical backup and a range of specialized products, and we are diversifying into supplying parts.  Just […]

Williams Industries companies

Williams Industries companies: supply the construction industry with Electrical Installations, Prefabricated steel structures, Concrete reinforcing steel, Roofing, Cement, Lumber, Hardware, Rental equipment, and much more in Barbados. Known for its high quality and commitment to integrity, Williams Industries has invested in joint venture projects throughout Barbados and the Caribbean including Water Desalination, Renewable energy from […]

Good Time Steel

World-Class Steel Products for Zambian and Regional Markets Good Time Steel Company Zambia Ltd., founded in 2005, manufactures high-quality steel for the Zambian market and for customers in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Burundi. General Manager Jackie Huang explains, “We have established an impeccable record of reliable services and […]

Tina Holdings

Tina Holdings having tested the Ugandan market for more than 5 years, we know what is best for our clients. Our aluminium profiles look different from all the others in the market giving your windows/doors a different beautiful design.

Sohar Steel

Sharq Sohar Steel Rolling Mills produces 50% of Oman’s steel and aims to up that percentage to 100% by 2014. Sharq Sohar Steel: Oman’s leader in produce rebar steel products for regional and global markets.

Corporate: Sohar Steel

Sharq Sohar Steel, established in 1995, is a major producesr of new generation high strength reinforcement bars (rebars). Sharq Sohar Steel comprises of three manufacturing units located at the fastest growing city of Sohar in Sultanate of Oman. The Rolling Mill and Middle East Conversion Industries (MECI) are located at Sohar Industrial Estate (SIE) while […]

The Zubair Corporation

The Sultanate of Oman. One of the most progressive economies in the Middle East. In this most beautiful of countries, one corporation reflects the nation’s growth and optimism. The Zubair Corporation. For over four decades, the Zubair Corporation has played an integral role in the development of the Sultanate of Oman and the region, and […]