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Sterelin Sterelin: We bring a complete range of top international pharmaceutical, diagnostic and FMCG products to patients, healthcare providers and Customers in Zambia. We represent leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide and we welcome new partnerships.

International Drug Company

DYNAMIC PRIVATE ENTERPRISE WELCOMES US PARTNERS International Drug Company is one of the major players in the Zambian economy through its activities in the pharmaceutical sector. Its mission is to manufacture a wide range of top quality products at affordable prices for both the local and international markets. The company acquired two privatized state-owned pharmaceutical […]

Medical Stores Ltd

Medical Stores Ltd.: Working to Improve Health and Well-Being Throughout Zambia Improving health and medical care is a priority in Zambia as the economy continues to grow and develop. Successive democratically elected governments have all recognized the importance access to medicines and health care is for Zambian society. Ensuring the safety, widespread availability, and affordability […]

Phillips Pharmaceuticals

Regional Pharmaceuticals Group a Leader in Zambia Phillips Pharmaceuticals (Zambia) Limited launched operations in Zambia in 2005 and has been growing rapidly there. Phillips offers a wide range of products for the local market and is ranked Zambia’s one of the top distributors of pharmaceuticals to both the public and private sectors. It is part […]


German-made quality in Burundi since 1970. We produce a wide range of soaps as well as oils and margarine, all using palm oil grown and processed in Burundi. Thanks to our focus on high quality and innovation, Savonor is the market leader in Burundi and has established a strong presence in regional markets. Savonor is […]


Exceptional, tasty sparkling and mineral water from the great Rift Valley. Our Aquavie and Boom product range meet the highest international quality standards. Aquavie: a taste of Africa.

Sterelin Medical & Diagnostics Limited

Sterelin, launched in 2003, in brings high quality international brands of ethical pharmaceuticals, Consumer and Diagnostic products to the Zambian market at affordable prices.  The company complies with the International Pharmaceutical Standards of Supply Chain Management   and works with leading global pharmaceuticals producers and diagnostics specialists to import and distribute innovative medical products to retail […]


South African-based Aspen Group’s success in the Philippines Aspen, a South African-based leading international pharmaceutical manufacturer that supplies branded and generic pharmaceutical products to more than 150 countries, launched Aspen Philippines in 2012. Aspen Philippines President and CEO Ace Itchon says, “Aspen is the first South African pharmaceutical company to enter into the Philippine market. […]

Nizwa Hospital

Nizwa Hospital has been providing world-class healthcare to patients in Oman and throughout the region since 1974. Nizwa Hospital aims to continue to upgrade its technologies, human resources, equipment, services and know-how with the help of international investors and partners. The hospital welcomes the chance to work with US hospitals as it pursues its ambitious […]