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Uganda 2

Trade instead of Aid! The Republic of Uganda. A nation with a promising precedent for the future. One set to benefit its economy, and enhance unrealised opportunities. The country is working toward self-sufficiency, stepping away from its current reliance on aid and into the future of trade. The country is steadily building foundations for rapid […]

Sheraton Kampala

The five-star Sheraton Kampala: Pampering guests with luxurious facilities and services for 50 years. Part of the Starwood and Constellations groups, the Sheraton Kampala is Uganda’s only international-brand hotel. It won the prestigious “Best Business Hotel Uganda 2013” award at the Business Destinations 2013 Travel Awards thanks to its exceptional services for executive travelers. The […]

Alpha Rent-a-Car

Alpha Rent-a-Car, Uganda: We offer a big choice of fully insured rentals, from four-wheel-drive vehicles to minivans, with or without drivers, and we specialize in added-value service. Have a safe journey with Alpha Rent-a-Car.

Fairway Hotel & Spa

Fairway Hotel & Spa: This iconic family-owned boutique hotel established over 40 years ago recently went through a complete upgrade while maintaining its historic touch. The Fairway offers upscale accommodation and banqueting services at affordable prices, gourmet dining and a wide range of leisure facilities with a traditional warm African hospitality. Let us host you […]

Uganda Electricity Generation Company

Uganda Electricity Generation Company (UEGCL): We ensure electricity supplies for people throughout Uganda. We are focusing on hydropower in our drive to promote sustainable energy, and we are ready to work with US investors seeking opportunities in Uganda’s high-potential energy sector. We aim to be East Africa’s most reliable and efficient electricity-generation enterprise. UEGCL: your […]


COSEKE Ltd: East Africa’s premier document-management solutions company. We focus on data-processing and data-storage solutions and specialize in the automation of paper-based business processes. With offices throughout the region, we provide efficient, tailor-made, world-class services. We are looking for a US partner to help us expand. Come grow along with COSEKE. We live up to […]


Akright Projects: A leading real estate and Satellite City developer in East Africa and are now providing affordable housing through our environmentally friendly housing initiatives. Akright: Living in an organized environment.

Tropical Bank

Tropical Bank: A 40-year history of providing world-class, personalized financial services to individuals and companies in all sectors. Tropical Bank: your premier banking partner in Uganda. We are here for you.