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Peru. A South American Legacy.

Peru. A South American Legacy.  The Republic of Peru. An emerging economy with a stable macroeconomic investment climate and ‘investment grade’ credit rating. A nation with an open door policy for investment. One of the least restrictive countries in the world. Forming a land mass approximately the size of Alaska, Peru is home to just […]

La Casa de Melgar hotel La Casa de Melgar hotel in Arequipa: A winning combination of authentic 18th century Colonial style with ultramodern facilities and services, including cable TV, WiFi Internet access, a restaurant and much more. With white thick volcanic rock walls, patios and luxuriant gardens, the Casa de Melgar offers guests a taste of Peru’s colorful past […]

BISA BISA: We have completed more than 4,000 projects in our 37 years of operations. We offer outstanding technical support for the mining sector and other types of industries, and we handle all types of multidisciplinary projects. You can count on us for local knowledge, proven expertise, international standards and a full range of Engineering […]