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Kazakhstan – Crossroads of Corridors

Introduction Kazakhstan, the land of wanderers, with its unique complex of history, archaeology, architecture and urban monuments, reflects the deep processes of interaction between the nomadic and settled farming cultures of Central Asia. As the historic Great Silk Road is revived, Kazakhstan assumes, once again, its strategic position in trade and commerce, linking the large […]

Jumbaktas Hotel – Burabai

www.jumbaktas.kz JtBurabay, a resort hotel nestled in the centre of Borovoe National Park, steps away from all of the entertainment. It offers a variety of rooms and services such as bistro cafe, sauna, restaurant, parking and round the clock front desk. Jumbaktas, the company who owns it, also operates a stunning hotel in Kazakhstan’s capital […]

SineMidasStroy (SMS)

http://www.sinemidas.kz/ SineMidasStroy (SMS) is one of the leading companies in Kazakhstan specialising in asphalt works and road construction expertise. SMS successfully completed construction projects in highway and state-road sectors. Dozens of projects, including highways, airports and infrastructure objects, were conducted by experienced personnel teams using a powerful machine park.