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Kazakhstan – Crossroads of Corridors

Introduction Kazakhstan, the land of wanderers, with its unique complex of history, archaeology, architecture and urban monuments, reflects the deep processes of interaction between the nomadic and settled farming cultures of Central Asia. As the historic Great Silk Road is revived, Kazakhstan assumes, once again, its strategic position in trade and commerce, linking the large […]

Kazakhstan – The Heart Of Eurasia

The modern day Republic of Kazakhstan has sprung from an ancient and varied history, spanning a time of early nomadic tribes to a Khan occupation, becoming a Soviet State and later declaring independence following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in nineteen ninety-one – when President Nursultan Nazarbayev became leader of the nation and remains […]

Myanmar: The Golden Era – Full

MYANMAR: THE GOLDEN ERA The Republic of the Union of Myanmar. Once an isolated nation, this formerly ‘closed’ country is undergoing a transformative course of economic, social and political reform and revivification. It’s a land opening its doors to the world, and welcoming its rightful place on the international stage once more. Myanmar is strategically […]

Azerbaijan – Land of Business and Opportunity – Full

Azerbaijan – a dynamic land of captivating diversity. An ancient culture nestled at the crossroads of east and west. Rooted in the past, but reaching for the future, today’s Azerbaijan is opening itself to the world. Once a key stopping point on the fabled Great Silk Road of centuries gone by, today’s Azerbaijan is in […]

Zambia, Planning For Progression

The Republic of Zambia: a nationwith a keen eye on the future. A peaceful landin the heart of Southern Africa, with a reputation for political stability. A country of determination, on a mission to enhance its economic potential through Vision 2030. Nestled in the heart of the southern African continent, Zambia borders 8 other countries, […]

Ghana 2 – The Rising Black Star – Full

Ghana. A welcoming and warm African nation. Inhabited by over 25 million people, Ghana sits on the West coast of Africa, between Cote d’Ivoire and Togo. This recently categorised ‘lower middle income’ nation is teeming with natural resources, including gold and a growing oil industry. Its economy is said to be strengthened by somewhat rigorous […]

Peru. A South American Legacy.

Peru. A South American Legacy.  The Republic of Peru. An emerging economy with a stable macroeconomic investment climate and ‘investment grade’ credit rating. A nation with an open door policy for investment. One of the least restrictive countries in the world. Forming a land mass approximately the size of Alaska, Peru is home to just […]

Panama – full report

PANAMA: CROSSROADS OF THE AMERICAS Long known mainly for its great Canal, Panama has transformed itself into a diverse, innovative and thriving modern economy propelled by a wide range of dynamically growing sectors, from agriculture, trade and tourism to renewable energies and financial services. In fact, the services sector makes up around 70% of the […]

Bulgaria – full report

The home of yoghurt, as well as the oldest prehistoric town found to date in Europe, geography has marked Bulgaria as a crossroads of East and West. Emerging from the break-up of the USSR in the 1990s, this small yet diverse country on the Balkan peninsula at the southeastern end of Europe has forged a […]

Oman 4 – full report

Oman, a land of myth and legend. Ancient trails of Frankincense, unspoiled beaches, grand canyons and genuine smiles. Fascinating blend of old and new. This is a journey into the present and the future of a nation, that has a natural sense for moderation and elegance. The Sultanate of Oman occupies a vital strategic location, […]