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Fair Face Enterprise

Fair-Face Enterprises: Civil Engineering for a More Prosperous Zambia At Fair-Face Enterprise Ltd we’re helping build a brighter future for all Zambians. Founded in 1991, we are a civil engineering and construction firm registered with Zambia’s National Council for Construction. Fair-Face undertakes new builds and refurbishment projects of all types for a broad range of […]

International Drug Company

DYNAMIC PRIVATE ENTERPRISE WELCOMES US PARTNERS International Drug Company is one of the major players in the Zambian economy through its activities in the pharmaceutical sector. Its mission is to manufacture a wide range of top quality products at affordable prices for both the local and international markets. The company acquired two privatized state-owned pharmaceutical […]

Lake Kariba Inns Resor

Lake Kariba Inns Resort: Unparalleled Accommodations Amidst Natural Splendor Located in the town of Siavonga on the shores of Lake Kariba, Lake Kariba Inns Resort offers business groups and vacationers an unparalleled natural setting along with first-class accommodations, business and recreational facilities, amenities and services. Set amidst the lush green, forested slopes surrounding beautiful Lake Kariba, our resort is an ideal place for group […]

Roma Place

Roma Place: Contemporary, Lodge-Style Zambian Elegance in Lusaka The Zambian capital of Lusaka is a city on the move. Zambia’s center of commerce and finance as well as government, Lusaka bustles with activity. Benefiting from peace and government stability, Zambia’s economy continues to grow and develop, offering international business groups and investors a variety of […]

Road Development Agency

RDA: Keeping Zambia on the Move Established in 2002 by an act of Parliament — Public Roads Act No. 12 — the Road Development Agency of Zambia build, operate and maintain the roads and transportation infrastructure that opens up new social and economic development opportunities for people, industry and commerce across Zambia. From planning to […]

Copperbelt Energy

Copperbelt Energy Corporation: Sustainable Energy and Development in Zambia and Sub-Saharan Africa From our origin as the first electric utility in Zambia, Copperbelt Energy Corporation Plc (CEC) is expanding in a variety of significant ways. Geographically, we are expanding across Zambia and national borders. We provide power transmission for national utilities in Zambia and the […]

Saro Agri

Equipment Enterprise Positioning Zambia as Agriculture Hub Saro Agro, established in 1986, provides essential support for Zambia’s agriculture sector. Managing Director Ashok Oza explains, “The company really began to grow in 1991 when Zambia’s economy opened up. Our first step in taking Saro to the next level was to begin metal manufacturing to add value […]

Monginis Bakers Ltd.

Innovative Bakery with Ambitious Growth Plans Monginis Bakers Ltd. has been producing high-quality cookies for consumers in Zambia since 2008. The company offers an innovative range of top-selling cookies in a variety of flavors and textures, and all of them meet the highest quality standards. Monginis Bakers Ltd. produces around one ton of cookies every […]

Medical Stores Ltd

Medical Stores Ltd.: Working to Improve Health and Well-Being Throughout Zambia Improving health and medical care is a priority in Zambia as the economy continues to grow and develop. Successive democratically elected governments have all recognized the importance access to medicines and health care is for Zambian society. Ensuring the safety, widespread availability, and affordability […]

Shonga Steel Limited

Well Known Furniture Manufacturer Aims to Export Shonga Steel Limited, which grew out of a British enterprise acquired by Zambian investors in 1975, supplies a wide range of high-quality furniture. The company’s extensive portfolio includes boardroom tables, bookcases, storage systems and work stations for offices; specialized shelving for factories; custom-made executive office furniture; quality hospital […]