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Naves Supply

World-Class Water, Garbage and Sewage Service Naves Supply has been providing essential services to its customers in Panama City since 1997. Launched to supply water, the family-owned company quickly branched out into garbage-incineration and sewerage-disposal services and has been growing every year. Naves Supply’s main customers are government-owned and private ships entering Balboa port. Owner […]


Penonome: Center for Culture and Business Penonome, a city with a population of 180,000 and over 430 years of history, has been transformed in recent years. Formerly plagued by poverty, uncollected garbage and limited tax revenues, the city now has a reliable waste-collection system, better-paid municipal workers, higher tax revenues, a modern healthcare program, and […]

Pistar Holding

Cutting-Edge Solutions for Key Infrastructure Projects A new security system in the Panama Canal that will warn personnel when storms are approaching is just one example of how Pistar Holding is helping to keep Panama’s economy on the move. Over the past 15 years, Pistar Holding has earned a strong reputation as Panama’s top provider […]

Carnes de Cocle

Local Meat Leader Supplying International Markets High-quality beef from Panama forms the basis of hamburgers in Taiwan thanks to the activities of Carnes de Cocle (Cocle Meats), a leading exporter of Panamanian meat products. Carmen Perurena, the company’s founder and President, explains that Panama’s meat exports in general have been growing rapidly thanks to increasing […]

Hotel Ciudad de David

Stylish Hotel in Ciudad David The Hotel Ciudad de David, which opened in 2009, offers discerning travelers all the comfort, elegance and personalized service they are looking for on their visit to Cuidad David in Chiriquí Province. The contemporary urban sofisticated property is ideally located in the heart of the city just steps from lovely […]

Nuestra Señora del Camino

Philanthropic Foundation Focuses Efforts on the Most Vulnerable The Nuestra Señora del Camino Foundation dedicates its efforts to improving the lives of the Ngäbe-Buglé Indians and other local residents of San Felix in Panama’s Chiriqui province. The non-profit foundation plays a key role in the local Jesuit Mission. Training Coordinator Olingtons Jose Cerda and Administrator […]

China Harbour Engineering

China’s Construction Leader Targets Panama China Harbour Engineering Company’s services as a leading global contractor are engaged in 80 countries and have over 50 branches around the world. With a value of approximately US$ 10 billion in projects per year and around 8,000 employees, China Harbour Engineering Company is the main division of the Fortune […]

Europcar Panama

Europcar Panama: Unequaled Car Rental Services and a Whole Lot More Whether you’re visiting Panama for business, pleasure, or a bit of both, Europcar Panama is here to meet your transportation needs, and a whole lot more. For starters, we offer a wide range of new cars and trucks at low prices, and with great […]


Panama is in vogue. This small but geographically pivotal nation is characterized by a dynamic and most impressive economic development within the last seven years in Latin-America. With US dollar as the national currency, tax advantage, regional leadership in banking as well as investment grade granted by Moody’s, S&P and Fitch, Panama is in its […]

La Estancia

La Estancia: A Green Urban Oasis A bustling, thriving metropolis located on the isthmus that joins North, Central and South America, Panama City is not only Panama’s national seat of government, it’s at the heart of national culture, commerce and finance. Rising 654 feet above Panama Bay and the Panama Canal is Cerro Ancon – […]