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Minister of Transport – Myanmar

Ambitious Goals for Maritime and Aviation Development The Ministry of Transport oversees Myanmar’s maritime and aviation infrastructure. H.E. U NYAN TUN AUNG, Minister, explains that Myanmar has a coastline of around 1,300 miles as well as the Ayeyarwady River, a major transport link, giving the country significant potential for both ocean and river transport services. […]

Myanmar Tourism Marketing

Myanmar Tourism Marketing: Helping Build Myanmar’s Travel & Tourism Industry Tourists are traveling to Myanmar in ever greater numbers as our culturally rich, diverse and fast-developing country opens its doors to the world. For travel and tour agencies and those looking to visit, or already planning a trip, Myanmar Tourism Marketing offers a variety of […]

Ministry of Commerce – Myanmar

Boosting Trade to Support Economic Growth The Ministry of Commerce focuses on promoting Myanmar’s economic growth through trade, according to Union Minister H.E. U Win Myint. He adds that additional objectives for the ministry are to support market-oriented trade policies, to encourage the production of added-value goods, and to assist both exporters and importers. To […]

Ministry of Electric Power – Myanmar

Bringing Power to the People of Myanmar Great changes are taking place in Myanmar. Democratization can lead to a blossoming of culture, as well as commerce and industry, throughout our rich, diverse nation. Access to electrical power is essential if Myanmar is to realize its great potential, however. We here at the Myanmar Ministry of […]

Taw Win Family Construction

Taw Win Garden Hotel: The Ideal Choice Travelers Doing Business in Yangon Business travelers are coming to Myanmar and the capital city of Yangon in growing numbers. At Taw Win Garden Hotel, we pride ourselves on providing them a “home away from home,” albeit one that caters to their every business need, while enabling them […]

Max Myanmar

Max Myanmar: CSR and the Path to Building a Global Business Group The professional career of U Zaw Zaw,  Chairman and founder of Max Myanmar Holding Company, is an encouraging story of a young entrepreneur, who build up one of Myanmar’s most successful businesses through hard work, determination, courage and honesty. Upon graduating from Yangon […]

Myanmar National Airlines

USTV: Myanmar National Airlines Myanmar National Airlines (MNA), formerly Myanma Airways, has made history by becoming the first Myanmar government operation to corporatise.  This opens the doors for the airline to acquire international knowledge, skills and investment in state-of-the-art services.  This will revitalize Myanmar’s aviation industry, which was once the pride of the region, and […]

KMA Hotels Group

KMA Hotels: Setting International Standards with a Myanmar Heart People from all over the world are coming to Myanmar in ever greater numbers as the nation opens its doors to the world. KMA Hotels Group’s team is dedicated to assuring that however long, their guest’s stay is safe, thoroughly satisfying and memorable.   A diversified […]

Myo & Myint Brothers

Myo & Myint Brothers Company Ltd.: Transforming Yangon’s Urban Landscape The urban landscape of Yangon – Myanmar’s key business city – is being transformed as the nation opens its doors to the world and readies for democratic elections in 2015. Active in Myanmar’s engineering and construction sector since 1990, Myo & Myint Brothers Company, has […]

Central Bank – Myanmar

Central Bank Ensuring Financial-Sector Stability Since the new Central Bank of Myanmar Law was enacted in 2013, the Central Bank of Myanmar had become an independent central bank that is bringing world-class standards to the country’s financial sector. H.E. Set Aung, Deputy Governor, explains, “The Central Bank of Myanmar has three main responsibilities. These are […]