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Dutch Multi-National Fugro Committed to Long-Term Success in Azerbaijan In 1994, an international consortium of oil companies led by British Petroleum signed the “Contract of the Century,” a document that marked a new era in Azerbaijan’s oil and gas industry and paved the way for Azerbaijan’s rapid economic rise. Shortly thereafter, Dutch multi-national Fugro first […]


Aznur: A Local Company with International Ambitions A little over a decade ago, the rental car industry in Azerbaijan was virtually non-existent. Tourism infrastructure has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, with a car rental industry rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Azerbaijan’s post-Soviet landscape. Locally owned Aznur, which began as […]

Caspian Service

The International Investment construction company “Caspian Service” was founded in 2001 and has been a pioneer in the revival of the construction industry in Azerbaijan. This is the first private construction company in Azerbaijan to enter the international market and successfully realize a variety of interesting projects not only in the territory of Azerbaijan, but […]

Fairmont Hotel

The Fairmont Baku Beckons Curling into the sky on a hill overlooking the Caspian Sea and Baku’s UNESCO World Heritage listed walled Old City; the Flame Towers are an apt representation of Azerbaijan’s ongoing transformation. Sleek, modern and daring, the Flame Towers are architectural marvels that epitomize both the Land of Fire’s rich heritage and […]

Pasha Bank

Diversity and Diversification Key to Pasha Bank’s Success As a relatively young organization within the Azerbaijani banking sector, PASHA Bank, operational since 2007, aspires to remain a fresh and innovative force within the sector, even as its reputation gains strength locally and abroad. The rapidly evolving institution recognizes that its success is contingent on the […]

Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel

Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel: The Business of Pleasure, Perfected Perched on a 300-meter stretch of beach on the Caspian Sea, Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel represents a new, unique brand of opulence for Azerbaijan’s elite. Baku’s first international luxury resort, Jumeirah has become the ultimate place to see and be seen. Hugging the coast a mere […]

Central Bank – Azerbaijan

Macroeconomic Stability Through Strong Financial Policies In the roughly two decades since the nation achieved independence, Azerbaijan has defied global expectations. The country, whose recession in the mid 1990’s crippled the economy and saw the GDP contract some sixty percent, has throughout its history shown itself to be remarkably resilient. No institution has played a […]

Princeps Legem

Princeps Legem, a player in the Azerbaijan market for just five short years, has already managed to have a significant impact on the country’s business environment. A multi-faceted business-consulting firm, the organization won a major vote of confidence from the Azeri public and private sectors alike when it was awarded a tender for facilitating the […]

Caspian Marine Services (CMS)

CMS: Raising the Benchmark in Maritime Services With sixteen vessels in its fleet and 500 employees, Caspian Marine Services (CMS) has experienced robust growth since its inception in 2006. Being in an alliance with Azerbaijan’s state energy giant, SOCAR, CMS has made a name for itself due to its ability to provide world-class support services […]

Minister of Energy – Azerbaijan

Energy Security For Azerbaijan And Beyond Azerbaijan possesses not only vast reserves of lucrative hydrocarbon deposits, but also energy sector knowledge and experience gained throughout its hundred and fifty years as an energy-producing nation. Despite the sector’s longevity, oil production has remained consistent, while natural gas has registered several production increases in recent years. Last […]