Carnes de Cocle

Local Meat Leader Supplying International Markets

High-quality beef from Panama forms the basis of hamburgers in Taiwan thanks to the activities of Carnes de Cocle (Cocle Meats), a leading exporter of Panamanian meat products. Carmen Perurena, the company’s founder and President, explains that Panama’s meat exports in general have been growing rapidly thanks to increasing international demand and a lower dollar, and Carnes de Cocle, which is able to meet the highest international standards, accounts for around 75% of the meat exported from Panama today.

panama_carnesdecocleMuch of these exports go to Taiwan, with which Panama has a free-trade agreement, but Carnes de Cocle also supplies chains like Burger King and Wendy’s in Panama as well as exporting its meats to markets throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America, and several countries in Asia. Ms. Perurena points out, “Our company was founded in 1972 and has been exporting meat since 1983. We have been steadily expanding our international reach and we are looking to enter new markets. We are also including added-value products in our portfolio.”

Handling every stage of the meat-production process

Carnes de Cocle is well known in Panama for its First Choice Meat brand of gourmet beef, pork and sausages. The company handles every stage of the meat-production process, from slaughtering to preparation, packaging and marketing. This gives Carnes de Cocle exceptional efficiency as well as the capacity to control the quality of its products in every phase.

This successful enterprise is based in Penenome, the heart of Panama’s high-potential livestock industry. Ms. Perurena says, “We support Carlos Jaen, Mayor of Penenome, in promoting the region, as most foreign investors and travelers only know of Panama City. Penenome has outstanding potential in the agriculture and livestock sectors, and of course Carnes de Cocle will continue to serve as a benchmark in our country’s meat industry.”


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