Gourmet Foods Enterprise Sets the Standard for Quality

Becker and Co brings world-class foods and beverages to discerning customers in Kazakhstan. Founded by German investors in 1991, the enterprise – acquired by Makhmud Shadiev and partners in 2010 – was one of the first companies in Kazakhstan to implement ISO & HACCP standards and is a benchmark in the local food-processing and retail industry.

“Becker is well known for its fresh, high-quality foods and beverages that contain no additives. Our products are designed to have a short shelf life because they are so fresh and contain no preservatives,” Makhmud Shadiev says proudly. Customers can shop for Becker’s brand products in all Kazakhstan’s major supermarkets and in Becker-operated 20 supermarkets and more than 35 shops throughout the country.

Becker aims to always use local products, keeping it high in the vandal to support the national economic development working together with local manufacturers and farmers to promote related the Made in Kazakhstan-brand. The varied product line includes light, dark and unfiltered “Becker Bier”-brand beer manufactured using traditional German recipes. Becker also produces more than 130 types of fine German-style sausages and various national traditional delicacies, all made from locally produced meat and manufactured according to the highest international standards.

Mr. Makhmud Shadiev, Managing Partner
Mr. Makhmud Shadiev, Managing Partner

Beers, sausages, breads and much more

Other top sellers for Becker include exclusive home-made style breads and pastries, gourmet frozen foods, hot and cold appetizers, baby foods and more. Prussia & Prussia Garden restaurants in Almaty, designed like a traditional German inn, showcases Becker’s products and is a very popular venue with banquet facilities, a cosy fireplace, and outdoor dining in summer.

As A national leader in the food industry and it’s related retail business, CSR is extremely important for Becker, Makhmud Shadiev explains, who is allocating funds to several charity organizations taking care of children’s healthcare and orphans, war veterans, churches, sports and culture.

Becker has been growing rapidly since it was founded and continues to set ambitious goals for itself. Within five years, Makhmud Shadiev explains, “We aim for fresh products to make up 50% of our turnover, we want to export to Russia and other international markets, we will offer even more products, and we plan to be Kazakhstan’s first National organic-foods chain. Becker will continue to serve as a national champion of quality in products made in Kazakhstan.”

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