Aznur: A Local Company with International Ambitions

Nargiz Iskenderzade, General Director
Nargiz Iskenderzade, General Director

A little over a decade ago, the rental car industry in Azerbaijan was virtually non-existent. Tourism infrastructure has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, with a car rental industry rising like a phoenix from the ashes of Azerbaijan’s post-Soviet landscape.

Locally owned Aznur, which began as an automobile distributor in 2002 but transitioned into a rental focused business model in 2007, is a company that has made significant in-roads in a short period of time. With multiple locations in Azerbaijan, not only in Baku but in the regional centers of the country such as Ganja and Gabala, Aznur has set its sights on dominance domestically and beyond. “We’re looking as well at European markets, with branches already established in Belarus and Germany, but ultimately, we believe the potential for our brand is much wider than that,” Nargiz Iskenderzade, General Director explains. “As an Azeri company, our presence internationally can contribute to growing the brand, and awareness, of Azerbaijan in other markets.”

Since it’s inception, Aznur has sought to bring together internationally recognized car rental standards, like flexibility and strong insurance coverage, with the legendary Azeri hospitality visitors to the country come to love. “We’re always looking to make partnerships – not with companies or tourists – but with people,” Iskenderzade emphasizes. It’s this customer-focused approach that has allowed Aznur to woo clients from their competitors.  “We work hard to gain the trust of our customers, and we believe the most powerful form of advertisement is word of mouth.”

Iskenderzadebelieves that Azerbaijan is poised on the cusp of rapid development, both from a business and touristic perspective. The group, which also has a travel agency, believes that it’s the responsibility of the private sector to support the nation, and its government, as Azerbaijan’s international profile increases. However, Iskenderzade is quick to point out that personal experience is the best way to entice visitors and investors to Azerbaijan. “I believe every country is worth knowing. It’s much better to see a place once than to hear about it a thousand times. Come to Azerbaijan and see the country for yourself.”

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