Avantage Double


Local Logistics Specialist Known for Innovation, Reliability

Logistics specialist Avantage Double (AVD) provides reliable, world-class services for its customers in Kazakhstan and beyond. Named the number one international transporter in Eurasia in 2014, Avantage Double is well known for its innovation, high standards (including ecological standards), use of the latest technologies to ensure streamlined logistics support and works on difficult routes like Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and etc.

Director Vera Zinovyeva particularly welcomes clients from the US and the EU and wants to establish B2B relationships with her customers rather than working through brokerage forwarders. She says, “Avantage Double is the first and only logistics enterprise in Kazakhstan to employ cutting-edge Transpotila.com software, which is a real benefit for international companies that are using the same software. This new technology also facilitates B2B and B2C contacts.” AVD’s innovative technologies and applications allow for direct communications among customers, transporters and delivery destinations so that shipments can be tracked at every moment, and photo proof of delivery.

Vera Zinovyeva - Director
Vera Zinovyeva

Top choice among multinationals

Thanks to its very strong track record and international standards, Avantage Double is a top choice among multinationals operating in Kazakhstan, and foreign customers make up around 80% of AVD’s clientele. This is particularly impressive since Avantage Double must compete with big-name global logistics players and with current local legislation that creates challenges for transport companies. Avantage Double is looking forward to continued strong growth as Kazakhstan’s strategic location on the Silk Road stimulates the country’s role as a hub for logistics and international transport.

Ms. Zinovyeva strongly supports government efforts to attract FDI in projects that will help improve Kazakhstan’s transport infrastructure. She concludes, “Kazakhstan’s economy is developing rapidly and Avantage Double is a transport company with an excellent reputation, in-depth expertise and a stable position in the local and regional market. Customers can count on Avantage Double for reliability and high standards.”

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