South African-based Aspen Group’s success in the Philippines

LogoAspen, a South African-based leading international pharmaceutical manufacturer that supplies branded and generic pharmaceutical products to more than 150 countries, launched Aspen Philippines in 2012.

Aspen Philippines President and CEO Ace Itchon says, “Aspen is the first South African pharmaceutical company to enter into the Philippine market. We started with only one employee in September 2011, and now we are providing employment to 120 Filipinos. We havemore than doubled our revenues in only two years through organic growth and commercial alliances with other multinational pharmaceutical companies. As a result of the Aspen Group’s expanding global footprint, we see Aspen Philippines in the Top 25 pharmaceutical companies in the Philippines in the next few years.”

Aspen Philippines currently provides innovator brands invarious therapeutic areas for different age groups:pediatric antibiotics, maternal hypertension, hormone replacement therapy, atrial fibrillation and congestiveheart failure, hyper- and hypo-thyroidism, leukemia, kidney transplant, gout
and inflammatory conditions.

Aspen Philippines has a Consumer Healthcare Division which provides products for common ailments such as itchy and sore throat, scars, stretchmarks, uneven skin tone and dehydrated skin and even for pediculosis. The company is set for continued strong growth.

Ace Itchon explains, “Aspen Philippines will become a key player in the Philippine Pharmaceutical Industry in just a few years. We strongly support the Philippine government’s projects to promote employment and we are committedto providing high-quality, effective, and affordable medicines for Filipino families.”

Showcasing quality of healthcare in the Philippines

In addition to serving as a benchmark in the Filipino pharmaceuticals sector, Aspen Philippines is actively involved in a number of local corporate-social-responsibility projects and supports continuing medical education for healthcare professionals. Aspen Philippines also aims to help showcase the quality of the Filipino healthcare sector worldwide. Ace Itchon says, “The Philippines offers world-class healthcare services, products and hospital care at a lower cost but with the same quality that you can find in the Western world.In addition, the Filipino people are English-speaking and welcoming. At Aspen, we believe that Philippines can boast of high standards of healthcare products and services.”

Aspen Philippines welcomes international cooperation as it continues to set new goals for itself in the high-potential Filipino market. Ace Itchon concludes, “Aspen Philippines is open for partnerships. In less than two years of operating in the country, we have successfully launched a new product in the OTC segment from a partnership with another multinational company. This is the kind of commercial alliances that we look forward to building with other companies who wish to have their products introduced in this part of the world. Aspen Philippines is looking forward to continued strong growth and a bright future.”

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