bosnia_aluminaImpressive Turnaround for Major Aluminosilicate Enterprise

Alumina, based in Zvornik, produces a full range of aluminosilicate products, particularly alumina, hydrate, zeolite and waterglass. The company operates five manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest equipment and technologies. Under new management since April 2013, the once-troubled enterprise has been completely transformed and began to be profitable again in only a few months.

Today, Alumina has ambitious growth plants. Mile Matic, Managing Director, explains, “We want international stakeholders to be aware of the vision and achievements of our new management team, who have turned this company around from a loss-maker to a profits-generator.”

Alumina aims to continue to expand its portfolio as well as boost its production capacity. Mr. Matic says, “We want to increase our production to 400,000 tons in 2014 and to reach our goal of 600,000 tons as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, we need to expand our client base and increase our partnerships with regional and international companies.”

Alumina has positioned itself as a high-potential partner. In addition to its long experience in its field, the company benefits from a strategic location as well as efficient road and railway connections to markets throughout the country and beyond.

Praise from the government

On a recent visit to Alumina, the President of the Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik, praised the company’s new managers for their successful effort to make Alumina profitable again and noted the company’s importance to the national economy. During the visit, Mr. Matic commented, “We have fully stabilized technological process in the factory, and our plans are to rearrange production, create products with higher margins, expand into new markets and develop new products.” Alumina already exports to 18 countries.

Financing remains a challenge. Mr. Matic explains, “We want to cooperate with international banks since is difficult to access low-interest-rate loans from local banks.” Alumina welcomes international partnerships.

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