Alatau Real Estate

Property Services for an Elite Clientele

Property-market leader Alatau Real Estate, founded in 2009, has earned a solid reputation for its professional, efficient, high-quality real estate solutions. The company offers a full range of property services, from buying and selling real estate to developing property projects and secondary housing, handling mortgages, executing necessary documents, providing property-related legal services and more.

Around 90% of Alatau Real Estate’s clients are from the corporate sector and around 90% of its property transactions concern buying and selling real estate. Owner and CEO Rustam Kairbekov explains, “Alatau Real Estate is the property-market partner of the elite. We are committed to offering professional services that meet the highest international standards and to tailoring our services to fit each client’s needs.”

In-depth knowledge of local property market

With offices in Almaty and Astana, Alatau Real Estate has in-depth knowledge of Kazakhstan’s real estate sector and maintains a vast data base of available properties, from upscale housing and vacation homes to apartments, land and investment properties. The company also works with leading construction companies so that customers can design the homes of their dreams. Alatau Real Estate’s expertise in many fields is an additional plus for its clients.

Alatau Real Estate is currently expanding its international real estate services, and around 5% of its business is in helping citizens of Kazakhstan buy property abroad. Rustam Kairbekov says, “We are looking to establish international partnerships, including with construction companies, to make global property services a bigger part of our portfolio. We are on the same page as the government of Kazakhstan and we welcome multinationals to set up businesses here. International clients can count on us for all their property-market needs. Alatau is a young, stable, growing company which can provide excellent services and is positioned to expand globally.”



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