Aimis Spine

Do you have a spine problem?

Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from back pain?

Get your life back! We have the best American Solutions, with savings exceeding 60%.

AIMIS Spine. The American Institute of Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery.

We are a world-leading spine center of excellence.

AIMIS brings together the best, highly-accredited US-based MIS surgeons and an unprecedented medical standard to mini-mally invasive spine surgery second to none worldwide.

Las Vegas-based Dr. William Smith is one of the founders of AIMIS.

Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery, or MIS procedures, result in minimal disruptive effects to the surrounding tissue and muscles.

AIMIS surgeons are the pioneers in the field. The best of the best.

AIMIS operates in the English-speaking, highly-developed island of Cyprus.

AIMIS Spine operates in world class, private hospitals of the highest standard, utilizing their established infrastructure and offering comprehensive and customized patient concierge service and medical follow-up back home.

AIMIS Spine offers the best American healthcare & technologies at a fraction of the cost. Patients suffering from back pain can now afford the best!

AIMIS has established a growing network of doctors. This network is global!

Our US-based AIMIS surgeons can offer a free and comprehensive MRI Review.

Visit our webpage at WWW.aimisspine.COM. Get your life back!

AIMIS. Offering the best in US Spine Healthcare.

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