3S Pharma


In a world where medical science is constantly developing, 3S Pharma is an indispensible partner in the field of clinical research and bio-analytical studies. Based in Germany, 3S Pharma carries out presently its majority of clinical studies in a brand new, GCP compliant clinical center, located in Romania. Since 1997, we have performed over 1.000 clinical studies. We focus on safety, which comes first. Thereafter is science the main pillar our clinical trails are based on.

Analytical studies are carried out in our bio-analytical laboratory, equipped with state-of-the-art mass spectrometers and robotic systems. The highly specialized personnel uses more than 200 validated analytical methods, analyzing over 100.000 samples annually.

With clients from over 25 countries, 3S Pharma seeks for new partners internationally. In 3S Pharma we search for solutions, you save time and money, and problems are solved!

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